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la terrasse restaurant café  


                   Puerto  Princesa  Palawan



la terrasse palawan menu

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about our food

“clean food, whole food, slow food —

in our effort to tread lightly on this earth”


here at la terrasse we want to bring you only the best that palawan has to offer, and in a limited capacity, from other parts of the country.

we make all our sauces from scratch and all our own soup stocks without any additives or powders or cubes and definitely no MSG. if we can avoid it, we do not use anything from the can, our tomato sauce and relishes are made only from the freshest ingredients, our vegetables, whenever possible, are sourced from organic growers or from our own organic gardens.

 we only use organic or free range chickens or organic native chickens for all our chicken dishes and soup stocks, our meats are sourced locally and whenever possible, organic as well.

no we do not use meat tenderizers.

our seafood is bought fresh daily from the local market trying to ensure that they are caught legally without any danger to the environment or to the fishermen themselves.

we do not buy nor serve live fish or lobsters, as often they are caught or grown under questionable circumstances.

we hope you appreciate our efforts to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible,

wishing that you enjoy the place and the food!!

bon appetit !


 ( prices are in Philippines Pesos without 12% vat, one USD is about 43 PHP)

If you don’t find anything to your liking, please ask to see our main menu and hopefully you will find something there!!

appetizers and pica-pica

palawan flavors      120     a quator of crispy fried squid, roasted cashews, garlic fried peanuts and spicy crisp anchovies with spiced coconut vinegar
golden fry                  250    a plate of delicately spiced breaded squid rings and fish fingers served with our very own garlic mayonnaise or aioli in french

please inquire for the special soup of the day

chinese comfort                   120    homey comfort food of clear chicken broth with egg noodles, shiitake mushrooms and shredded organic chicken

lemongrass squash soup               125  creamy squash soup subtly flavored with lemongrass topped with a fresh quail egg served with croutons

salads big enough to share 

caesar’s salad de la terrasse – ‘classico’ or ‘rasta’        335            organic mezclun greens tossed in caesar’s dressing, the classico is topped with chunks of smoked bacon or you can have the cajun which is topped with grilled jerk chicken slices, both are finished off with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and croutons

la salade niçoise de la terrasse                 360  with or without organic brown rice, tossed in an herb and spice vinaigrette cupped on a bed of organic greens, topped with an array of mediterranean flavors of olives, capers, bell peppers, slices of smoked tuna belly and halved quail eggs

served with plantain banana fries and a side salad

vegetarian sandwiches are available upon request 

la terrasse mini-burgers                  300  three aromatic mini provencal burgers in whole wheat buns with our own home made mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato

blt – bacon, lettuce and tomato                 210  a classic favorite baguette sandwich with a slab of smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato with generous amounts of mayonnaise and dijon mustard

big enough to share

pasta bolognese         340  hand chopped beef in our own tomato sauce with spaghetti      
pasta carbonara         305             chunks of slab bacon, cream and parmesan cheese with fettuccini
pasta pomodoro         250 basil and tomato sauce with linguini                                                      
pasta al pesto             280 crushed basil and olive oil with fusilli spirale    


main courses
flavors of asia with a taste of europe

fish and seafood

fillet de poisson poches a la niçoise     290     fillet of the catch of the day poached in a lemon- herb boullion and perfumed with olives, capers and basil, served with slivers of tomato confit on a bed of greens

lemon-garlic-pepper prawns       450     medium sized tiger prawns quickly tossed in garlic-pepper butter then sprinkled with lemon and herbs served on a bed of sauteed greens

chargrilled seafood  depending on market price and availability; served with lemon or calamansi, soy sauce, and a relish of chopped onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes or with garlic-lemon butter sauce

meat and organic chicken

beef a la kim             215     a la terrasse rendition of the korean beef bulgogi – thinly sliced beef marinated in korean spices then grilled and served on a bed of julienne vegetables topped with sesame seeds

tropical billy             375     chunks of deboned goat meat, braised slowly in a concoction of spices and pineapple, then deep fried to a crisp, served with a thai relish

barbecue pork ribs          350       tender back ribs of organic pork marinated in a coffee-based barbecue sauce, grilled for that subtle smokey aroma

grilled tenderloin steaks (steak frites)              500     200 g of beef tenderloin either in one thick slab or in thinner slices grilled ‘au nature’ to your requested doneness: blue, rare, medium, well done or anything else in between served with herb butter and french fries


family platters (served with rice, good for 3-4 people)

adobo overload      475
our version of the pinoy favorite, this time not sweet but slightly sour, organic native chicken and pork slowly braised in vinegar and soy sauce with a ton of garlic, a hint of lemongrass then refried, served on a bed of adobo fried rice topped with crispy wisps of shredded fried adobo, crunchy pork chicharon, and some herbs, with a green mango relish on the side

grilled seafood platter       650
a family platter of mixed charcoal grilled seafood of fish, squid, shrimps, and clams served with lemon wedges or calamansi, soy sauce and a relish of chopped onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes

desserts and sweets
local favorites


ginumis         80        red agar-agar gulaman topped crushed ice and crispy toasted rice with coconut milk

coco flan       100     a coconut creme caramel topped with crispy coconut

halo-halo de la terrasse    125     our version of the southeast asian street cooler of mixed fruit preserves with crushed ice and coconut milk

cakes and pastries
freshly made on the premises on a regular basis so please check on availability and ask for the pastry or cake of the day, all our pastries are made with organic eggs and real butter, there is no margarine on our shopping list, sorry! orders are most welcome for those who want to take some home! Just give us 24 hours notice, thanks!!

mango cream tart   150
sour lemon tart       150
flourless chocolate cake  175
rum cake savarin    150

home made ice cream and sherbets
please inquire for available flavors

ice cream                  105  per scoop
sherbet                        85  per scoop



from the drinks and bar list


fresh fruit shakes      80 to 90

san miguel beer     50

mixed fruit shakes     125 to 140

san miguel premium     65

fresh fruit juice     70 to 90

              imported beer:

coke, sprite, orange in can regular     45

                     hoegarden     190

coke zero     50

                    chimay red      320

coffee      60

                           corona     195

espresso     70

                     stella artois     160

cappuccino     80

mixed drinks:

latte     80

                      mojitos carafe     270
                                     glass      110

hot tea     60


                     margarita carafe     270
                                           glass     100

iced tea     70


vodka / gin tonic     100

iced coffee     85


vodka / gin dry martini    140



                 piña colada     140



 ( prices are in Philippines Pesos without 12% vat, one USD is about 43 PHP)


wine by the glass               125


and much much more.....