la terrasse restaurant café puerto princesa palawan

la terrasse  restaurant café  

Puerto Princesa Palawan 

goes local                    




‘Essentially, we wanted a place that sells the Palawan lifestyle and
showcases what Palawan has to offer, with a relatively small carbon
footprint,’ says partners, Ditchay Roxas of Ditchay’s Bistro, and Melanie
Alvarez, former manager of the now defunct Palawan Hotel. Their
common love for good food sparked not just a vision but also a 20-year
friendship that began when Alvarez introduced Roxas to the municipality
of San Vicente where she has a small eco-house on Boayan Island.
Roxas who is no stranger to baking her own bread and growing
vegetables from her time there, extols the French virtue of ‘goût de
terroir’ (or taste of place). La Terrasse takes pride in sourcing local
organic ingredients.
Roxas and Alvarez are not simply selling local
ware and fare; they are selling the idea of locality.


And lush variant species of bamboo plants are
grown in place of concrete walls opening diners up to the natural
elements while buffering them from the rude awakenings of a busy street.
Girardeau had also conceptualised the structure to be environmentally
friendly in casual luxury while paying tribute to local culture. Entirely
outfitted with native hardwoods recycled from old houses, the café even
boasts low hanging lamps specially handcrafted by the city jail inmates
using banana fiber paper made by indigenous communities in Southern
Palawan. The roof slanted specifically to collect rainwater for flushing of
toilets and dish washing will also bear solar panels in the future that will
in turn power ceiling fans to offer a breeze from the balmy heat.